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Lady Kendal Jaggar

World Critic specialising in the fields of Travel, Hospitality, Airlines, Food, Education and Sport.

Guest Speaker - Critic on Cruising and Travel. Cunard being her foundation subject, also her own novels and a journey to writing your first novel and the process to produce.

Author of The Broken Girl in the Red Shoes, Waiting for the Tide, Breathe and Garthmyl

please email for book signing appointments, book sales, critic reviews and media appearances


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I pride myself on offering a true factual account when I am doing a review for your company, offering your customers a clear insight to how your business runs daily. What your Company can offer and how you fulfil your customers expectations for service and quality. I also offer discreet visits to ensure your standards are being upheld  both internally and externally so your company is aware immediately of any issues arising.

As a Guest Speaker I try to portray an impartial view of my experiences of various encounters with commercial operations.

As An Author I have written several books.I have personally overseen the strategic planning of the printing, distribution and the media marketing for forthcoming book signing events.


9944s Arbica Circle,Davie Fort Lauderdale, FLORIDA 33328

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